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CBSE Class 9 Social

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Democratic Politics

1. Democracy In The Contemporary World

1.1 Two Tales Of Democracy

1.2 The Changing Map Of Democracy

1.3 Phases In The Expansion Of Democracy

1. 4 Democracy At The Global Level?

2. What Is Democracy? Why Democracy?

2.1 What Is Democracy?

2.2 Features Of Democracy

2.3 Why Democracy?

2.4 Broader Meanings Of Democracy

3. Constitutional Design

3.1 Democratic Constitution In South Africa

3.2 Why Do We Need A Constitution?

3.3 Making Of The Indian Constitution

3.4 Guiding Values Of The Indian Constitution

4.Electoral Politics

4.1 Why Elections?

4.2 What Is Our System Of Elections?

4.3 What Makes Elections In India Democratic?

5. Working Of Institutions

5.1 How Is A Major Policy Decision Taken?

5.2 Parliament

5.3 Political Executive

5.4 The Judiciary

6. Democratic Rights

6. 1 Life Without Rights

6.2 Rights In A Democracy

6.3 Rights In The Indian Constitution

6.4 Expanding Scope Of Rights

Contemporary India – 1

Chapter 1 : India – Size And Location

Chapter 2 : Physical Features Of India

Chapter 3 : Drainage

Chapter 4 : Climate

Chapter 5 : Natural Vegetation And Wild Life

Chapter 6 : Population


Chatper 1 : The Story Of Village Palampur

Chapter 2 : People As Resource

Chapter 3 : Poverty As A Challenge

Chapter 4 : Food Security In India

India and the Contemporary World – I

Section I: Events and Processes

I. The French Revolution

II. Socialism in Europe and the Russian Revolution

III. Nazism and the Rise of Hitler

Section II: Livelihoods, Economies and Societies

IV. Forest Society and Colonialism

V. Pastoralists in the Modern World

VI. Peasants and Farmers

Section III: Everyday Life, Culture and Politics

VII. History and Sport: The Story of Cricket

VIII. Clothing: A Social History



Learning is (Super) rewarding!

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